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    By now most of you know my name, Michael Lee, and you also know I have been appointed to be your new Minister. But I am sure you have tons of questions about who I am and what I am like as a Preacher/Pastor. I have been asked to share a little about me through this newsletter article. So, where to begin?  I feel the best way to introduce myself is to share with you one of the major core values that shape me as a person and a minister. I have a strong belief that relationships are extremely important. The foundation upon which my personal and ministerial life is built, is building and maintaining strong relationships. Since relationships are so vital to who I am and how I do ministry, it might be helpful for you to know my priorities in my relationships. They are:

My personal relationship with God is and always will be my number one priority. Simply put, I see myself as a “born-again” believer living in an ongoing dynamic relationship with God through the sacrifice and grace of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. This relationship is the mirror and pattern for all the other relationships in my life and is always growing, maturing, and helping me to become the person God wants me to be.

My second priority lies with my family. I am married and have two grown adult children. My father, who is 91, lives in Goldsboro, NC and is very active in his church. I have two grandchildren who are the “lights of my life.” God has blessed me with a great family that challenges and fulfills me.

My church family holds the next spot in my relationship priorities. I am excited to be joining you and your families at Archdale UMC. I can hardly wait to get to know you and hear your stories. I want to know your wishes and dreams for our church. I am anxious to begin the process of getting to know you in ministry through our church. I do not see myself as the “boss” or an “expert” but rather as a fellow struggler learning to grow in Christ. I am anxious to find out your gifts and graces so that we can be a strong ministry team moving into the future.

Finally, I see all my past church members, friends, and fellow Believers as a part of my extended family. I am a product of a lot of caring and nurturing people who have helped me to grow and learn in the past.

      I look forward to the journey of faith that we will enjoy here at Archdale UMC. I feel God has put us together for a reason and purpose. I think we can each make the other better by sharing in this adventure.   So, stop by the office and say hello. Please introduce yourselves every time I see you for the first few weeks. (I want to learn your names and faces as quickly as I can.)

      Be praying as we come together on July 10th for worship. See you then!


         Join us on Sunday, July 10th as we welcome our new Pastor, Mike Lee to AUMC! 

   Following the worship service, we will have a covered dish luncheon in the Fellowship Hall.   

                                         Bring your favorite dish for all to share!

Stephen Ministry at Archdale UMC

Stephen Ministry is a ministry in our congregation in which trained and supervised lay persons,  called Stephen Ministers, provide one-to-one Christian care to individuals facing life challenges or  difficulties.  The name “Stephen” comes from St. Stephen, who was the first lay person commissioned by the apostles to provide caring ministry to those in need as recorded in Acts 6.  Stephen Ministers are caring Christian friends who listen, understand, accept, and pray for and with those who are working through a crisis or a tough time.  If you would like to talk with a Stephen Minister or know someone who would benefit from having a Stephen Minister meet with them, please contact our Pastor or a Stephen Minister: Peggy Johnson or Greg Mollenkopf. 

Our Stephen Ministers are here to care for you!

Where We Were Last Month

DateOffering ReceivedBudget Amount Received to DateBudget Amount Needed to DateWeek#Sunday SchoolWorship Attendance


Building Fund

Given in June: $200.00

Received to date: $12,225.00

Debbie Dean, Charles Dobbins, Amelia Evans, Mandy Forrester,
Wayne McGavic, Betty Roach, Nancy Roberts, Martha Shives,
Mary Jean Smith, Leonard & Jackie Stroud

Our Homebound Members are very important members of our congregation.
We would like to remind them they are remembered and thought of. If you would like to
send them a birthday card, thinking of you card, or give them a call, this would mean so much to each of our Homebound Members.

July 2 Betty Roach
Piedmont Crossing
Rm #412
100 Hedrick Drive
Thomasville, NC 27360

July 28 Mary Jean Smith
1116 Silvertrace Dr.
Salisbury, NC 28144

Please pray for those serving our country.

Tyler Bowman –  US Marines (Emma Snow’s cousin)
Logan Brinkley – US Marines (friend of Rae Hicks)
Matt Cain – US Army (family friend of the McGavics)
Spencer Dyson – US Marines (grandson of Don Miller)
Bryan Hayworth – US Coast Guard (brother of Jami Coggins)
Jospeh Hennessey – US Marines ( nephew & Godson of Steven Durr)
Ginniffer Hobbs – US Navy Sailor ( niece of David McKinney)
Richard Ivy – US Military, Louisiana (Lewis Stroud’s grandson)
Jake Lawrence – US Army (friend of Rebecca Kidd)
Daulton Rogers – US Marines (family friend of the McGavics)
Eric Schneider – Afghanistan (Donn & Rachel Jackson’s son-in-law)
Hailey Tompkins – (friend of Sandy Foster)
Zack Willey – US Army (Chuck & Jane Liebscher’s son-in-law)

“Save us, LORD our God, and bring us back from among the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in your praise.”

Psalm 106:47

07/01 Abbie Ambrose
07/01 Ken Swanner
07/02 Amy Lax
07/02 Dana McKim
07/02 Betty Roach
07/03 Lou Lamphear
07/03 Pete Sarmiento
07/04 Jason Allen
07/04 Matt Gaskey
07/05 Barry Collins
07/05 Joel Love
07/06 Palmer Kimmons
07/06 Betty Rader
07/07 David Boyd
07/07 Margaret Brannon
07/07 Douglas Harmon
07/07 Jim Pepper
07/07 Steve Smith
07/08 Lizzie Smith
07/09 Kim Aspley
07/09 Lisa Bowser
07/10 Sherry Chandler
07/10 Paul Sechrest
07/12 Jack Hensley
07/12 Angele Johnson
07/12 Raye Love-Martin
07/13 Cameron Moser
07/14 Kathy Brown
07/14 Jason Dunlap
07/15 Reagan Davis
07/15 Don Spell
07/16 Amy Dabbs
07/17 Eddie Causey
07/17 Jack Poetzinger
07/17 Kevin Renn
07/18 Ricky Frazier
07/18 Angie Glascock
07/18 Tom Scearce
07/18 Gerald Sellers
07/18 Mark Walker
07/19 Bruce Webb
7/20 Betty Lambert
07/21 Camden Gentry
07/21 Julia Johnson
07/22 Vicki Butler–Morris
07/23 Tanya Gallimore
07/23 Donna Johnson
07/23 Kristie Rodgers
07/24 Dana Bunn
07/24 Danielle Lynch
07/25 Vicki Causey
07/25 Leslie Lowe
07/26 Chad Blossom
07/27 Blair Parker
07/27 Phyllis Renn
07/28 J. Michael Ceiswich
07/28 Mary Jean Smith
07/28 Jennifer Stevens
07/29 Peter Thomas
07/29 Thomas Reagan
07/29 Fred Turner
07/30 Gregory Brannon
07/30 Wyiet Russell
07/31 Chance Kennedy

 Note of Thanks…..

 Dear Friends,

    It is hard to find the words to express my appreciation to each of you for all of the time you spent planning and preparing for the special day to honor the memory of my dear husband,  Joe. The tables were beautifully decorated and the food was delicious.  It was wonderful that so many people were able to attend.  It was a privilege to speak with everyone!

With Love, Lunda Stanley

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