Archdale Methodist Church

Weekly Bulletin 07/21/2024


Week of 07/14/24

Sunday School: 83
Worship: 95

General Budget:

Received to Date: $135,488.52

Building Fund:

Received to Date: $3,985.00


Pastor: Rev. Mike Lee

Pastor Emeritus: Harold Shives

Pianist: Denise Warren

Office Administrator: Sidney Pace

Custodians: Russ & Carol Carr

Nursery Volunteers:

Today: Linda Game, Gladys Suggs
July 28: Beth Todd, Marsha Sparks

Upcoming Meetings:

Churchwide Ice Cream Social today at 5:00pm in the Fellowship Hall.

The Newsletter Deadline is Tuesday, July 23rd.

The Church Office will be closed on Friday, July 26th.

Methodist Men’s Breakfast Meeting: Sunday, July 28th at 8:30am in the Community Room.

Administrative Council Meeting: Sunday, July 28th at 4pm in the Fellowship Hall.

COAT Sunday is July 28th. COAT is in need of the following items for children: Ready to freeze icy pops, chef Boyardee- microwaveable, ramen noodle cups, mac & cheese cups, individual chips, cookies & snacks, fruit snacks, Gatorade/Powerade/electrolyte drinks, small peanut butter/jelly, microwave popcorn and any other fun snacks children would enjoy for summer. Collection bins are located in the foyer of the Education Building and the Fellowship Hall.

This Week at AMC

Sunday, July 21st
9:45am Sunday School
10:45am Worship
5:00pm Churchwide Ice Cream Social
7:00pm AA

Tuesday, July 23rd
Newsletter Deadline

Wednesday, July 24h
6:00pm Choir Practice

Thursday, July 25th
7:00pm AA

Friday, July 26th
Church office closed

Sunday, July 28th
8:30am Men’s Breakfast
9:45am Sunday School
10:45am Worship
4:00pm Administrative Council
7:00pm AA

10:45am Worship Service

*Hymn We’ll Understand It Better By and By #525 (UMH)
Welcome Susan Stewart
Children’s Moment
Hymn Blest are They (vs 4) #2155 (TFWS)
Prayer Susan Stewart
Anthem Denise Warren
*Presentation of the Offering Doxology #95 (UMH)
Scripture Matthew 5:10
Message “Blessed Are the Persecuted” Rev. Mike Lee
*Hymn Precious Lord, Take My Hand #474 (UMH)
*Please stand if able


Administrative Council Meeting: Sunday, July 28th at 4pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Please Note: The Archdale Methodist Women and the Trustees will NOT meet in July.

Churchwide Ice Cream Social On Sunday, July 21st, the Archdale Methodist Women are hosting an ice cream social at 5:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. If you have an ice cream freezer, please bring it with your favorite flavor of home-made ice cream to share with others. If you do not have a freezer, you can bring either store bought ice cream or a dessert to share. We look forward to a good turnout. It will be a good time to meet folks you do not know or get to know others better. No program is planned – just good ice cream and fellowship!


Welcome Guests! We want you to know that…

♥ Please escort children to the restroom if they need to leave during worship.

♥ If you are in need of pastoral care or would like information about joining Archdale Methodist Church family, please contact the pastor or call the church office.

♥ Please fill out the worship attendance registration sheet; we would like to have your contact information.

♥ Feel free to ask any church member if you have questions about the service or any of these announcements.

We are glad you are here!

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