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Archways February 2023

From Pastor Mike

“But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved)…” (Ephesians 2:4-5)

As I was reading and studying in Ephesians for my current sermon series, I was intrigued by this passage. At first it just seemed like a good passage to maybe preach for Valentine’s Day. However, as I continued to think about this passage and meditate on verses 4 and 5,  it grew in importance for me. There are several key words and phrases that captured my attention. The first comes from 2:4, “rich in mercy”. Mercy is often defined as kindness or good will toward the miserable and afflicted with the end result being those such afflicted are relieved and made better. Paul is telling the church at Ephesus, and by extension us the disciples of this day, that God’s actions toward us are kind, and gentle, and life producing. So many modern-day people seem to see God as one who reacts to us with judgement and punishment. Maybe that is why so many in society want nothing to do God and the church these days. Paul reminds us that God default interaction with all of creation is one of gentle kindness and healing.

The second phrase that caught my attention is also found in verse 4, “His great love with which He loved us.” My attention was drawn to this phrase because God’s love is  described as a great love. There is nothing small and puny to be found in God’s love. It has the capacity to handle any size problem and is ladled out in abundance to God’s people. And Paul wants us to understand that the object of God’s love is US – anyone who needs to be loved and even to those who never recognize or experience it. Once again, God’s  default stance is to love His creation.

Another phrase capturing my imagination and attention is found in verse 5, “dead in our transgressions.” Paul acknowledges that our sinful nature and our willful participation in that nature has caused a separation between God and humankind. However, God prepared a solution for that condition and made His grace readily available in Christ at a point in time when we were still dead to Him. In simple terms, God offered life before we even knew we were spiritually dead. God knew we needed his grace and mercy and was offering it before we knew what we needed.

This month flowers, cards, and gifts of candy and jewelry will exchange hands as we  celebrate our love for one another. Many of us will spend a great deal of time and energy matching our gifts to the level of love and compassion we feel for our special someone. Let’s take time amid this celebration and remember the greatest gift ever given. Let’sremember how God so mercifully gave us grace when we deserved judgement. Let’s   remember how God gives us love instead of his disappointment and anger. Let’s give Him our love and obedience so He can transform us into the image of His son, Jesus Christ.  

Columbarium Bricks

Our memorial bricks have arrived!  Mark Hamilton installs these for us at no charge, so he works it in when he has a free moment.  We are very grateful to Mark for his labor and expertise!  I will let you know when they are added to our bricks. 

Thank you to everyone that has participated in our columbarium.

– Cheryl Traylor


Mental Health Seminar

Join us on Wednesday, February 15, at 11:30am in the Fellowship Hall for a light  meal and a discussion by Tom Barker, a licensed mental health counselor with Sanctuary Counseling Group.  Tom will discuss how Christian counseling works and who could benefit from it.  The session is  presented by our Stephen Ministry.

Everyone is welcome.

Where We Were Last Month

DateOffering ReceivedBudget Amount Received to DateBudget Amount Needed to DateWeek#Sunday SchoolWorship Attendance

Building Fund

Given in January: $1,105.00

Received to date: $1,105.00

Remember our Homebound

Roy Catlett, Debbie Dean, Charles Dobbins, Amelia Evans, Mandy Forrester, Jack Hensley, Wayne McGavic, Jo Parker, Betty Roach, Mary Jean Smith, Jackie Stroud

Our Homebound Members are very important members of our congregation. We would like to remind them they are remembered and thought of. If you would like to send them a birthday card, thinking of you card, or give them a call, this would mean so much to each of our Homebound Members.

Change of Address
Roy Catlett
35 Hedrick Drive Thomasville, NC  27360 336-474-3805
(Roy moved in early January to an assisted living apartment at Piedmont Crossing)

Please pray for those serving our country.

Matt Cain – US Army (family friend of the McGavics)
Spencer Dyson – US Marines (grandson of Don Miller)
Bryan Hayworth – US Coast Guard (brother of Jami Coggins)
Jospeh Hennessey – US Marines ( nephew & Godson of Steven Durr)
Ginniffer Hobbs – US Navy Sailor ( niece of David McKinney)
Richard Ivy – US Military, Louisiana (Lewis Stroud’s grandson)
Jake Lawrence – US Army (friend of Rebecca Kidd)
Daulton Rogers – US Marines (family friend of the McGavics)
Eric Schneider – Afghanistan (Donn & Rachel Jackson’s son-in-law)
Hailey Tompkins – (friend of Sandy Foster)
Zack Willey – US Army (Chuck & Jane Liebscher’s son-in-law)

“Save us, LORD our God, and bring us back from among the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in your praise.”
Psalm 106:47


In Memory of Carole Ebersole
Given by The George Elder Sunday School Class

In Memory of David Gates
Given by:
Bobbie Finch
Linda Game
Sharon Carpenter
Tom & Sandy Smith

In Memory of Nancy Roberts
Given by:
Charles & Marsha Gentry
Linda Game
Bobbie Finch
Hoyt & Kay Nichols
Mary & Rebecca Kidd
Ray & Shirley Cecil
Evangeline Freeman
Gary & Marcia Guffey
Shon Saunders
John & Martha Stunda
Summerville Baptist Church
Ira & Jane Wade
Ed & Carolyn Lawrence
Stephen & Patricia Bigsby
Sharon Carpenter
Collins & Catherine Fulcher
John Deere Corporation

In Memory of Leonard Stroud
Given by Jerry & Ruth Hughes

In Honor of Mary Kidd, Adult Sunday School Class Teacher
Given by: Lib Brown

02/01 Gene Hiatt
02/01 Kathryn O’Connor
02/02 Christy Allen
02/02 Nita Coltrane
02/02 Sandy Foster
02/02 Linda Haithcock
02/02 Melinda Peele
02/02 Stephanie Tickle
02/03 Bo Paschal
02/04 Donna Mollenkopf
02/04 Amy Sellars
02/04 John Stewart
02/06 Dorothy Creech
02/07 Liz Dorman
02/07 Zach Krpejs
02/08 Carole Boyd
02/08 Connor Gardner
02/08 Tina McKinney
02/09 Greg Allen
02/09 Devin Du
02/09 Latisha Kish
02/09 Tammy Pittman
02/09 Madeline Work
02/10 Ed Lawrence
02/10 Gail Lawson
02/11 Rachel Jackson
02/11 Beth Todd
02/12 Hugh Presswood
02/13 Leah Du
02/13 Kameryn Walden
02/15 Michael Fedler
02/15 Alex Sheeley
02/16 Mia Fulcher
02/16 Spencer Mann
02/16 Nicholas Owens
02/16 Kathryn Romano
02/17 Chuck Liebscher
02/17 Melissa Smith
02/17 Shirley Snow
02/17 Spencer White
02/18 Shiloh Hollifield
02/18 Sherry Sechrest
02/18 Jennipher Swanner
02/19 Sharon Carpenter
02/20 Kenzie Mann
02/20 David Warren
02/20 Andrew Zedek
02/21 Tim Kennedy
02/21 Jessica Stevens
02/25 Angelica Conroy
02/25 Landon Hawkins
02/25 Tammy Hollingsworth
02/25 Austin Roberts
02/26 Michelle Felder
02/27 Justin Rose

The Women in Faith have Apple Crisps (sugar & sugar-free) available in the church office for $10 each.

Thank You!!

– To AUMC for remembering the staff at Christmas.
– To Carolyn & Edward Lawrence and Kay & Hoyt Nichols for remembering the Choir at Christmas.  We really appreciated your kindness.

– Thank you so much to all that participated in the Safe Parking Initiative.  You contributed 40 blankets, comforters, throws, plus 25 pillows. You also brought some gloves and toboggans.  Many families will stay warm in their cars at night because of your generosity. Together we are a powerful source of help to the world.

                     “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” Helen Keller

     – Cheryl Traylor

February Volunteer Schedules

     Nursery Helpers:
     Feb 5     Linda Game & Mary Hamilton
     Feb 12  Carolyn & Ed Lawrence
     Feb 19  Gladys Suggs & Tom Anderson
     Feb 26  Beth Todd & Marsha Sparks

     Worship Leaders:
     Feb 5    Cory Bentley
     Feb 12  Peggy Johnson
     Feb 19  Susan Stewart
     Feb 26  Norman Askew


    The George Elder Sunday School Class was very active in 2022.  We added 5 new members in 2022.  They are Abbie Ambrose, Clyde & Dorothy Brown, Laura McKinnon and Sharon Schaeffer.  We lost one member, Robert Suggs, January 22, 2022.  Our average attendance was 30 in 2022.

The Sunday School lesson is from the Adult Bible Study and we have teachers who rotate on a weekly  basis.

Early in 2022 we supported Rev. Harold Shives recognition and retirement as Visitation Minister at AUMC with members purchasing supplies with funds from the class treasury.  Members also participated in planning, setting up and decorating the Fellowship Hall.  We financially supported the United Women in Faith hygiene kits project. We gave to Pass the Mantel cause which provides scholarships for seminary students. Class members provided Christmas for 5 children at Archdale Elementary School.  Funds from our treasury provided food gift cards for the two families these 5 children belong too.  These are some of the benevolences the class supported.

We enjoyed our quarterly socials in 2022.  We had a covered dish meal followed with entertainment or just a time of fellowship.

We welcome anyone not presently in a Sunday School Class to visit the class. 

Submitted by Shirley Cecil


  – Julie Messner, AUMC member, lost her grandmother, Margaret Ann Jones Cline, on December 30,  2022.  Margaret was the great grandmother of Maggie and Emmie Messner who are baptized members of AUMC.  Margaret’s funeral service was held January 5, 2023 at Fair Grove United Methodist Church with Rev. Tom Jolly, Rev. Mark Key and Rev. Mike Mater officiating. Interment followed in the church cemetery.

  – AUMC member Terry Gates lost her son, Charles David Gates age 48, on December 24, 2022.  David was brother to Darrell Gates who is a member of AUMC.  See the Membership section of this newsletter for more information on David.

  – Nancy Roberts, mother of AUMC Cindy Clodfelter, passed away December 31, 2022.  She was the  mother-in-law of AUMC member, Mark Clodfelter.  AUMC members Brittany Lax, Austin Roberts and Lauren Roberts were Nancy’s grandchildren as was baptized member, Zachary Lax.  Additional information on Nancy is located in the Membership section of this newsletter.

  – AUMC member, Nancy Workman, lost her son William “Billy” Cox, age 47, on January 3, 2023.  He was the nephew of AUMC member, Naomi Smith.  Billy lived in Ohio and was an organ donor.  Family and friends gathered at E.C. Nuree Funeral Home January13, 2023 from 3pm until time for the service at 5pm. 

             We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of those listed above.


    Charles David Gates passed away December 24, 2022 after a hard fought battle with cancer.  He was confirmed and joined AUMC March 30, 1988.  He attended AUMC with his family as a child and youth.  David was very involved in the Boys Scout troop at AUMC.  He actually became a Catholic and was a member at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Greensboro.  His name remained on the membership records at AUMC even after joining the Catholic Church.  His funeral Mass was celebrated January 6th at 10am at St. Pius X Catholic Church followed by inurnment at Floral Garden Park Cemetery. A reception was held following inurnment at Archdale United Methodist Church.

    Nancy M. Roberts passed away on December 31, 2022 at GrayBrier Health.  Nancy joined AUMC March 4, 1973 transferring her membership from First United Methodist Church in High Point.  Nancy was the Secretary at AUMC shortly after joining and was still the Secretary on December 31, 1978.  Her service may have continued beyond this time with no records found reflecting when a staff change was made.  She was the Financial Secretary during her tenure as Secretary.  She was the Chairperson of the Parsonage Committee from 01-01-2013 through 12-31-2016.  She served on the Senior Lunch Committee and truly enjoyed being involved with this ministry.  She was a children/youth  prayer partner.  She was a Safe Sanctuary Team member and also helped with decorating the church in 2010.  She was faithful in her attendance in worship and loved having her family close by her.  Her attendance changed when her health declined.  Nancy’s memorial service was held January 7, 2023 at 2pm at Archdale United Methodist Church with Pastor Mike Lee officiating.

    AUMC member, Lester Way Auman, Jr. passed away August 8, 2021 with his passing only known to the church in late December, 2022.  Lester joined in 1954 and had resided in Winston Salem, NC.  At his request no service was held.  We had not had any recent contact with him.  A google search late last year revealed his passing and obituary.  The church records were updated and he was removed from membership in late December, 2022 with the actual death date noted in his comments section.  This is necessary to keep the church membership records accurate in completing the statistical report.

Shirley Cecil
  Membership Secretary

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